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247girlboss is a network for women ready to live their best lives, get unstuck, create the careers and businesses they desire and make a difference in their community.

We believe woman:

Deserves a life of freedom; 

Deserves a great, blissful career;

Deserves  to be a  GIRL BOSS!

What We are  About

We believe women should be empowered to find, launch and excel in the careers or businesses they love. 
We want to help women build the life they desire by providing practical strategies to create the career, business and life that they crave.

Step up the career Ladder

We are your team if you want to step up the career ladder. We help you find the right resources and skill blend to match your growth.

Become a Girl Boss 

Join us on your transition from career life to boss life. Discover how to wean your hands from a 9-5 life to a full fledged business life.

Women should be able to live their best lives possible.

Moving to the next phase of our careers, starting the business in the midst of all our other personal commitments can be challenging.

Breaking through is what we do best at 247girlboss.

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Ready to learn new (in-demand) skills that put you ahead of your peers?

The project management course teaches you the practical steps to setting up and running successful projects. It is suitable for anyone who is new to project management or who is already in the space and needs to learn new skills

INTENSIVE 2: CV audit and linkedin optimization for project managers

You might have all it takes to get into your dream role next week. But your CV and LinkedIn profile are no doing you justice.

Get expert eyes on your CV and LinkedIn profile. This isn't a one size fits all template. It's your own unique CV audited with the right words that highlights everything recruiters are desperately looking for.

intensive 3:career clarity for non-techies moving into tech

Everything will make sense when you have a clear proven roadmap to guide you in your career change quest.

This is specially designed for women of colour who are confused about the RIGHT steps to take to move from a non-techie career to a high paying teach career easily and fast.

THE SIGNATURE project management

Do you want to take advantage of a high paying tech job with a low barrier to entry for non-techies?

The project management programme is designed to take you from non-techie to sort after highly paid techie in 90 days or less. 

Why have you not taken any step toward your dreams of getting into tech?

Why have you not made the changes you know you need to make to your life.

Of course, all sorts of reasons may come to mind; you're busy working a full-time job,  minding the kids, trying to lose weight, afraid it might not work out, volunteering for some cause, taking a much-needed vacation, catching up on the latest series of XYZ, in short you're overwhelmed with all the options and stuck in analysis paralysis mode.

Does a carefully selected list of 9 high paying tech jobs you can get into with NO degree, NO experience and the skills you already have sound like something you need?

What Others Say


When I was ready to change careers, I knew exactly who to go to help me on the journey. Ola helped review my CV, write applications and coached me in readiness for my interview. I got the job and have been flying ever since.

Ivy Quaye 

/Project Manager


Knowing Ola was the best thing that happened to me. you made me take my business to another level by teaching me that I can actually start my show by not spending my personal cash. You taught me how to get sponsors for my show.

Osasere Okene
/Senior Education officer

Check My Favorite Resources to Help You Along the Way

Achieve your goals.

It doesn't matter if you are just starting or neck-deep and still trying to find your path. Get ahead and start the right way with these tools

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