Crucial Steps Smart People Take After Losing A Job 

There are crucial steps smart people take after losing a job that regular people ignore. That’s why it’s easy for them to get a new job while others stay stuck and keep going down. Losing a job is not a good feeling. I’ve been there. It’s easy to wallow in self-pity and even fall into depression.

In this post, I share crucial steps smart people take after losing a job. This will help you get on top of the situation and turn it into a success story in as little time as possible.

4 Crucial Steps Smart People Take After Losing A Job

Step 1: They Acknowledge Their Feelings:

Losing a job might make you go through and emotional roller coaster. Suppressing these feelings and acting like nothing happened is not a good way to handle things. Neither is letting these feelings take over your life forever.

Smart people know that it is okay to feel hurt. To feel uncertain about the future; to feel regret when you think of all the times you should have left; and even feel angry when you think of all the hard work you put into building that company.

Having these feelings doesn’t make you weak. Smart people have them too. What makes the difference is that they acknowledge them and move on quickly.

Get help if you must. I’ve been fired from a job so I know how that feels. Being a career coach gives me the opportunity to interact with people in various stages of their careers. Including people who just lost a job. From my experience and interactions with people who just fired, I know that sometimes all you need is to admit your feelings to yourself and talk to someone who understands. This will help you move on faster.

Step 2: They Get Their Finances in Check

This is one important thing many people overlook. Losing a job means your income will take a hit. You might have to make some immediate lifestyle changes. Doing this will let you know where you stand financially and greatly motivate you to get a job to avoid starvation.

Creating a budget works all the time. When you appropriately budget the money you have, you will be more intentional about your spending. This is not the time to avoid money talks. That’s why step one is important. If you don’t accept your emotions and move on from them, you might drown yourself in alcoholism, and other unhealthy ventures that will eventually lead to money induced depression or worse.

Step 3: They Don’t Keep Their Employment Status A Secret

People treat a job loss like a shameful thing. Some people even hide it from their family and friends. That’s a wrong way to handle things.

No one will know you need help if you don’t tell them. Chances are that you have people in your network that could refer you to someone or help you with your resume. Most people have gone through what you are going through and talking about it and letting people know you are open to opportunities is what smart people do to get ahead.

Lying about your employment status won’t pay your bills. You may find that you’d get a lot of support from people to get you back on the horse. It might feel awkward at first, but it is worth it.

Step 4: They Upgrade Their Skills

You might have lost your job because your skills were obsolete. You have to make sure your next job doesn’t let you go the first chance they get. This is what smart people do that makes all the difference.

Enroll in free and paid certificate courses to help you build your resume and increase your chances of becoming globally employable.

I’ll tell you this for free. Future recruiters would want to know why you were let go from your job. But by upgrading your skills, you can prepare yourself for this.

Smart people prepare a honest narrative and practice it out loud a lot. So that it flows freely and their answers are not filled with “ums” and “erms”.

Your narrative should focus on how your past skills, experiences and recently acquired skills would be valuable to the new role you are seeking for. This tells the recruiter that you didn’t just sit back but actively upgraded your skills and invested in your development during the time of unemployment.

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Final Words…

Sometimes losing a job might be the push you need to change careers, follow your dreams or realize your worth. So don’t dwell on it and host a pity party. These 4 crucial steps smart people take after losing a job will help you get an even better job in as little time as possible. Found this helpful? Let me know in the comments.

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