20+ High Paying Tech Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree 

Tech Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree
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There are a lot of tech jobs you can get without a degree. Employers know that college isn’t for everyone. If you can demonstrate your ability to perform the duties, you can get a well-paying job without a degree. Many Tech Professionals start self-taught and get educated as time goes on. They also learn through certificate programs or by taking courses in areas they wish to gain extra knowledge.

As someone who transition to the tech industry without a degree in tech, I know. That was why I shared how you can gain tech experience employers are looking for without landing a job.

Who said you need a college degree before you get a Tech job? It is a common false belief that people without college degree won’t ever earn high. The truth is there are many jobs that won’t make you acquire countless student loans.

Here Are 20 High Paying Tech Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree

Note that the salaries mentioned below rough estimates

1. Data Analyst

A data analyst is required to assist with retrieving, cleaning and organizing data. The person can also perform data entry activities in databases and help to process customer data. Data analyst also generates materials for analysis, present findings to senior analysts, conduct data search and create excel worksheet. You don’t need a degree here but self-education is required. Understand at least one programming language and how data differs in each industry. Be willing to take courses in data science. The average annual salary is around $45,000.

2. Help Desk Analyst

This position is available in many industries. As a Help Desk Analyst, you are required to provide technical support via phone or email to end users. You will also be required to maintain records of common issues and develop directions to help users resolve them quickly. Apart from that, you will have to work with senior staff on installations and implementation of technical solutions. The average annual salary is $46,000

3. Web Editor

This role is for someone with passion for writing and editing with some tech skills. It is one of the best tech jobs for someone without a degree or experience in tech. A web editor uploads, formats and optimizes site content (blog, new product) for visitors. You may also be part of the editorial to revise articles and make them suitable for digital readers.

4. Social Media Manager

This is a great place to start for someone interested in a career in digital marketing. The job requires you to be comfortable with data gathering and reporting, tracking patterns to devise growth strategies and organizing social calendars. You should also have design and writing skills. Average annual salary is $48,200.

5. Computer User Support Specialist

Their job is to provide technical assistance by answering questions or resolving computer problems. This can either be in person, over the phone or electronically. Average annual salary is $48,600.

6. Computer Programmer

A computer programmer performs the role of using various computer languages to write, update and troubleshoot existing programs. They also perform other tasks like debugging code, developing computer infrastructure and maintaining operating system. The average annual salary is $49,500.

7. Tech Support Specialist

This job is all about helping and giving non-IT people advice at home or office when computer or tech issues arise. The average annual salary is $53,400.

8. Network Support Specialist

They work with non-IT people to solve computer network-related problems like slow internet. They test, evaluate, troubleshoot, configure, maintain LAN, WAN and other networks.

9. Computer Network Support Specialist

Their job is to keep networks running smoothly. They test, troubleshoot, analyse, maintain and solve network issues. No degree is required here and average annual salary is $62,200.

10. Digital Marketer

The role here is to help an organization reach customer through the internet. They do this through search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc. The average annual salary is $63,200.

11. Multimedia Artist

Some Artists have degrees but it is not a requirement. They work with programs and technologies to develop animation, designs and special effects for movies, commercials, video games and other electronic media. Average annual salary is $63,900.

12. Web Designers

They are front end developers (aka UX designers). They work on the part of the website you can see: web appearance, interactive features, layout images and content. Average annual salary is $66,000.

13. Mobile App Developer

The role of a mobile app developer is to code, test and develop apps. Nowadays, competitive businesses do not only need a website but well-designed mobile app. So App developers are being acti1vely looked for. A degree is not needed, just skills. The average annual salary is $76,00.

14. Web Developer

A Web Developer designs a website and ensures the site’s infrastructure work well together. They can work with a graphic designer or design themselves. Then code everything and make it functional. Their task also includes application function and integration, maintaining databases and website troubleshooting. They also write code for sites, make layout decisions, design user interface and solve bugs. It is a self-taught skill that requires no experience or degree. Average annual salary is $72,200.

15. Software Engineer

This job, just like others requires self-taught skills. A degree is not needed as long as you can prove you know what you are doing. Their role is to design, test, install and maintain software. Average annual salary is $79,357.

16. Network Admin

They are responsible for overall maintenance of computer networks, consisting of hardware and software. They make less contact with end users and impact more on business function. In addition deploy, configure, maintain and monitor active network or equipment. Average annual salary is $82000.

17. IT Manager

The duty of an IT manager is to oversee staff operation and technology of business. They maintain the hardware and software of an organization, evaluate the need for electronic infrastructure, analyse and install computer networks. They supervise teams and monitor IT infrastructure. IT managers also develop the rule and protocol for use of company computer, data and networks. The average annual salary is $88,900.

18. Computer Software Engineer

A software Engineer designs and develops software for the organizations finance, marketing, customer relationship, etc. They also design software to provide solutions for various industries. They document software through flowchart, layout instruction, coding. The average annual salary is $106,400.

19. Cybersecurity Specialist

Their job is to monitor networks for potential threat or vulnerability. They build firewalls to protect organization data, review logs control network settings. They also manage attack on the network infrastructure. The role includes developing and implementing strategies for data protection. A degree isn’t needed, just invest in online and offline courses. The average annual salary is $114,000.

20. Software Architect

This job requires technical and analytical skills. These skills are used to design whole systems based on client requirements. They work closely with Engineers and other developers to make the software clear and easy to use. They are very skilled in programming language and operating system. You can be one by taking courses and seeking a mentor. The average annual salary is $138,900.

21. Copy Writer

This job requires a skilled writer to communicate what a tech company does internally and externally with language and tone that are representative of the brand. They are saddled with the responsibility of transforming complex and confusing tech jargon to customer friendly language. The average annual salary is about $90,000

Final Words

In many Tech Careers, a degree or experience doesn’t always matter. Skill and ability to learn new things do. This doesn’t mean you should abandon your education but you have options. So if you are considering a career change and are worried because you don’t have a tech degree, you can gain experience employers are looking for and land any of these high paying tech jobs you can get without a degree.

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