About Us

Learn how to leverage your existing skills and experience to transition into project management without a technical degree or experience

247 Girlboss Careers exists for one reason: to help busy professionals transition into their dream careers by offering exceptional trainings in project management, guaranteed to ease busy professionals into tech jobs and roles.

Regardless of your current situation in your career, we have the tools, resources and skills to help you level up to the requirements of a high-paced, tech job.

Our Story

Since 2018, Ola’s mission has been to help women of colour get into various industries. More recently, her focus has been to help women get into project management and tech leveraging the skills and experiences they already have.

We give actionable advice, workshops, and guides—all designed to help you get into a fulfilling project management career that you love and gives you work life balance.

247 Girlboss was founded by Ola Okotie after successfully navigating her own career transition from Quantity survey into IT project management and helping hundreds of women do the same.


PMO Analyst

Thank you Ola, for helping me prep for my PMO Analyst  role, your practical feedback on my CV and the detailed mock interview prep. Thank you for your patience and persistence to ensure I was ready.


Product Administrator

Joining the Practical Project Management Mastermind was one of the best decisions I made. It was indeed very practical and the support was great. The lessons and instructor-led training was broken down into manageable classes and very helpful with real life relatable examples used.