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Walking right into your dream career right now is such a real life possibility. You could be getting paid doing work you love and finding true fulfilment.

You don't have to keep watching other women kill it in their careers and wondering if this could ever be you. Because it could be you!

But I can tell you for sure that this isn't something you achieve with trial and error. And you certainly don't want to keep trying and losing it.

So what if you had the tools and strategies you needed to go for that job and get it?

What if you had what it takes to make yourself irresistible to employers in your dream field? 

And that's why I'm inviting you to this program, does this sound like you?

Career pivot with success PROGRAM

You're a career woman with a vision and a purpose but you know you're not living out that purpose yet.

You're seeking fulfilment in your career and need the strategies it takes to pivot into that career of your dreams where your impact is felt.

You want the steps and strategies to move from just wishing to having clarity, having a plan and actually executing!

You know you're made for more and you're tired of your current job sucking the life out of you.

You want expert no-fluff guidance to nail the career of your dreams.

You want SIMPLE strategies that WORK! 


I guide you through my 6 step framework to get the career of your dreams

Mindset reset

Let's get you thinking differently about your work and be clear on what you really want. You'll also gain clarity on career ideas that align directly with your purpose.

Strength evaluation and gap closing

I'll help you build on your career strengths and zone of genius plus close any existing gaps. Landing your dream career means you need to close any holes so you can be irresistible to potential employers. I'll help you do just that.

Your career pivot launch plan

We'll set goals and create a defined 30/60/90-day metrics-driven plan for measurable results.


We'll rebrand your whole packaging and have you ready to smash your interview questions. We'll create your new elevator pitch, create you a winning CV and cover letter plus redefine your LinkedIn to align with your goal.

Seizing Opportunities

You'll know exactly where and how to get the work experience you need to launch into that dream career. Plus, how to make your effort align with the time you have and still be super productive.

Working effectively/ productively

Building your strong network and support system with confidence. Plus, a priority-focused schedule to increase productivity without overwhelm

Ivy Quay

Ola helped me transition from retail (while studying) to data analyst role and now my dream role as a project manager. She encouraged me to go for it, helped with interview prep and helped me land the job + settle into the role properly. She is still my go to mentor when I have challenging situations to work through.

Ivy O.

I was in  a job I didn't like and was so unhappy there. The commute was too far and the role just didn't suit me.  I listened to Ola's tips and instructions and applied for a new job. I'm glad to say I got the job  . Thanks for what you are doing,  I was inspired to do something about my situation and given the tools to get it done.  Thank you.  JOY

Knowing Ola and going through her program was the best thing that happened to me. She made me take my side hustle business to another level by showing me how to manage my 9 to 5 commitments with my children education camps & campaigns. She helped me see opportunities to grow my business without leaving my 9 to 5.  Osawere