So this week is all about our finances, it is the very reason we’re all involved in the jobs, businesses and other passion projects we do.

And who better to talk to us on this all important topic than an expert on It. I’m talking about the remarkable Paula Perry. I decided to invite Paula to come talk to us because of the amazing things she’s doing in the area of financial literacy .

Paula is one of the many black women breaking the status quo in the UK. Her competence and dedication had her handling lots of pan London, multi million Pound projects across London. With over 17years experience in project and program management, Paula decided to tow the path of her passion with the founding of her organization, You4us, which is targeted at “breaking generational cycles”. Basically, You4us empowers women to take charge of the reins of their finances leading to financial stability in the long run.

Just so you know, Paula herself has been on this financial journey right from a very young age. Circumstances surrounding her upbringing made her conscious of financial situations and made her develop a savings habit. One she hasn’t looked back since. And she shares practical steps which has helped her in her financial journey. She literally left no stone unturned in this conversation!

Below are some cues to what you should expect from this podcast:

  • Paula talks about practical ways to set up a savings challenge for yourself. And making a mental note to always pay yourself first.
  • She gives actionable approach of how she successfully transitioned from her 9-5 to her passion project.
  • She emphasizes on the need to gain more knowledge in investments. There are some online platforms she mentioned which you could leverage on to increase your earnings.
  • Paula guides us through the various insurance policies there are. And the basic policies you should put in place for yourself and your loved ones.

Ladies, this is simply an all-in-one podcast on financial literacy you don’t wanna miss, trust me. And be sure to stay tuned to the end as she did well to drop a link you could use to connect directly with her. Just what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and listen to the full gist yourself and be sure to drop your questions or comments. I always look forward to hearing your thoughts and giving answers to your questions.

See you in the next episode!

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