Starting a nonprofit can be a very daunting move. You’ll probably be thinking of how to create more impact while meeting the financial demands of the organization. Let’s not even go into the ordeal of accessing funds which is like the major challenge facing any nonprofit. especially new ones. It’s a whole lot to deal with really. Most times, these obstacles make our dream of starting and running our NGO remain just a dream. So for today’s conversation, I had to bring on stage, Chidi Koldsweat, to speak to us on how best to actualize this dream. Chidi has literally been in the nonprofit space almost all her career life. She has a track record of helping individuals and nonprofits set up and run their projects. So get ready to learn a whole lot from this amazing woman.

Chidi Koldsweat is the founder of the nonprofit, Donors for Africa.

She has received a lot of accolades for the good works she’s done. Her organization is dedicated to working with individuals and other nonprofits access funding through grant writing and coaching programs thus, helping many NGOs remain in business for long and contributing their quotas toward the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

It was really fun having this conversation with Chidi as she was quite jovial and expressive of her opinions. You could literally hear the excitement in her voice as she spoke about her passion and how it has opened her up to more opportunities. Mere listening to Chidi, you’ll realize that she’s one woman who is constantly learning and upping her game to remain more relevant in the development space. This is one attribute any woman who wishes to go far in life should emulate. Talking about one who expresses her “authentic self”, Chidi definitely fits in the picture.

Below are some of the inside scoop from my conversation with Chidi.

  • Chidi shares her experience on how she overcame her fear of speaking up. And how she was able to break free of societal expectations.
  • She takes us down the path of her career journey and the challenges which had prepared her for running her organization.
  • Talks about the major steps you need to take before starting an NGO. It also gives the basic documents you need to have for your NGO to have a smooth operation.
  • She gives a more sustainable way of accessing and receiving funds. She equally added tips on how to come up with grants that stand out from the rest.
  • Chidi takes the need to believe in yourself and constantly update your knowledge to a whole new level.

Those are scratches on the surface of what you’ll learn from this podcast, So go ahead and listen for detailed explanation. on how you can start up your nonprofit, run it for long term and still benefit from it. And be sure to drop your comments and questions as I always look forward to hearing your thoughts and answering your questions.

As always, see you in the next one.

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