09: How to fast track your career growth with Tiffany Uman

How do you get promoted seven (7) times in less than 10 years? What’s the secret sauce, how do you remain at the top of your game, continue to adapt and grow? Tiffany Uman, a senior level director in a fortune 500 company dives deep on how she was able to make this happen. Sit tight, get your note pads, remove all distractions this episode of the podcasts is brimming over with tips.



In this episode you will learn


· The mindset you must have when starting a passion project

· How to overcome fear and build strategic relationships within and outside your organisation

· How recognise your value and go for it

· 5 Common mistakes people make when seeking to grow or change their careers

· Setting your work boundaries

· Work/Life balance


To learn more from Tiffany, check her programs on her website and follow on Instagram

Website: www.tiffanyuman.com



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