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Deciding on how to advance one’s career as a woman can be a daunting experience. This interview session with guest speaker, Mrs Ibukun Omololu, throws more light on making your mark and how to go about it and still remain relevant in your organization. 

Ibukun Omololu is a banker by profession and the initiator of the One Woman Preposition aimed at rendering financial assistance to women. Having successfully balanced family, career and passion, she speaks as an authority with over 10years of experience. 

Here Are Ibukun’s Thoughts On Making Your Mark As A Woman

Ola: What is the One Woman Preposition all about?

Ibukun: I believe education and financial support are the two most important ways to empower any woman. And that has been the objective of the One Woman Preposition. This Preposition is designed specifically to set women up for equal opportunities in the society. According to research, women are more self-efficient and tend to properly utilize any resources within their care. Hence, the need to invest in them more. 

Ola: How can a woman create an impact without having to leave where she works or become an entrepreneur?

Ibukun: Creating an impact does not mean quitting your job to pursue entrepreneurship. It rather means being self aware, that is, knowing what you’re all about, your driving force and channeling that into making a difference in your organization. This could mean volunteering for leadership roles. Or even asking your superior what you could help out with. This will set you apart as a valuable employee as well as build your leadership skills. And while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to ask for feedbacks be it from your boss, colleagues, or your spouse. This will give you an idea on areas that need improving. And in the end realign your core values to that of the organization for more productivity. Also, be sure to have a good support system, somewhere you could fall back on for encouragement, advice and support when the going gets tough. 

Ola: What other mistake do you see women make daily on their role that you think they need to stop?

Ibukun: As a woman, you’ve probably been told to act like men since you chose to be in male dominated fields. But this shouldn’t be so. Embrace your femininity in its entirety. Not being overly emotional or sending wrong signals. Rather use your feminine attributes such as calmness, soft-spokenness etc, to foster peace and a conducive work environment. Speak up for yourself when necessary and contribute your ideas when needed. Don’t relegate yourself to the background. The idea is to be a woman of value. More so, never be involved in schemes meant to bring a fellow woman, or anyone in general, down.  Instead be a support system for qualified women to attain leadership positions. 

Ola: So capacity building can be likened to a  balloon which is flat in its natural state, but has the capacity to expand once  inflated with air. So tell us, in what other ways can a woman build capacity?

Ibukun: When it comes to capacity building, you first need to understand that you do have capacity. Build your self confidence and self awareness. Though your upbringing, societal and cultural norms may have contributed to the level of your confidence.  Asking yourself some hard questions and questioning some of these norms, will help you re-discover you. Learn to express yourself properly and explore the world around you. There is no limit to what you  can achieve once this self confidence and awareness has been built.

Ola: Tell us more about your book?

Ibukun: So far, I have written three books. But “Behind the Little Bundles of Joy”  remains the most popular. This book talks about my experiences in motherhood, childbirth and everything in between. It goes on to emphasize on the need for the father to be very involved in the care of the child. 

Ola: These were some of the points curled from the interview with Mrs Omololu and I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from it. It is obvious that creating an impact is a totally different ball game but one that can be learned.

I trust that this insights Ibukun shared will help you when you’re making you mark in any organization. Do well to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section. We’ll be happy to read from you and give a reply as well.

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