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The 247 Girl Boss Schedule Planner

Planning is king, especially where you envision to be boss of your career and business. Planning makes transitioning to the girlboss life a reality.  This planner will put in your hand all the various parts of your career to plan for, with a blueprint planner that helped me when I seriously needed it.


The 247 Girl Boss'
90 Day Planner

The best way to predict your future is to write (plan) it. This tool will help you create a clear perspective for your next three months.  With a clear note on your past, you can easily create a success-path for your next three months.


What Every Chic Should Know

An essential book for the girl boss. This is a relevant help along the way to the owning your turf and making that dream a reality.

Sometimes we are carried away by the noise of being your own boss, we forget the loneliness, the cold nights you would have to keep awake, the brush with failure and potential breakdown. This book bares the truth and reveals secrets you need on your journey. 


Thank you for working with me all these years and I am convinced, in no time I will land myself that dream job.

Ivy Project Manager

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