The Ultimate Career Checklist You Must Complete Before Moving Abroad

The decision to move abroad to start an exciting new career opportunity could be a life-changing one, so it should not be treated with kids’ gloves. It is not a very simple process and so you could lose yourself due to how complex the process is. You don’t need to be afraid anyways, it will be less stressful as long as you break down your move into bits. Below is a check-list you must complete before moving abroad.

#1. Get Certifications and Skills

Before you move, it makes sense to find out the job requirements in your destination. Find out if they require additional certification or training. If yes, find out the kind of certification or training they need. Knowing what skills are sought after will help you make a good choice of destination and help you secure a job faster.

#2. Consider Job Availability

You should not ignore this! Finding out if your services will be needed in your destination and how readily available jobs in your area of specialization are is very important. This way, you will know your chances of getting a job in your area.

#3. Working Hours/Days

Working hours and days differ between Countries and jobs, therefore there is no standard here. Finding out how they differ from your current/local working hours is therefore necessary. For example, the UK has a traditional 9am to 5pm working hours from Mondays to Fridays with an hour lunch time while it is Sunday to Thursday in Dubai, UAE.

#4. Find Out About Holidays/Leave Periods

It is important to find out the amount of off time you will have in your job abroad before moving. This will help you make effective plans on home visits for events and holidays easily, you’ll simply schedule your travels during your leave period. Various Countries have different leave periods and

you should find out the duration for your Country of interest before moving. Paid leave is 10 days in the U.S for example, 30 days in Germany and around August in Italy.

#5. Get A Visa/Work Permit

You need to sort out your visa and work permit before moving abroad. You will have to find out the relationship between your Country and the one you are migrating to, if you require a visa and/or a work permit. Migrants from Africa to Europe require both while those moving between EU Countries don’t. in addition, some Countries may require you to obtain a personal identification number (also called social security number or national insurance number) or register your residence to access social services like healthcare or even to work.

#6. Get your Documents Ready

You have to prepare official copies of your important personal documents such as passports, birth certificate, marriage certificate, academic documents, medical records, insurance policies, proof of citizenship and employment records.

#7. Bank Account

With all the excitement about travelling abroad, you do not want money to be a problem. You need to set-up an overseas bank account before you leave so that you have no problem with receiving your salary when you have moved.

#8. Tax Rates and Cost of Living

Before moving abroad, it is necessary to find out what the tax rate of your destination is and the cost of living there. These will guide you while negotiating your salary or knowing if what you are being offered is good or not. Also, register with relevant tax authorities who will explain tax laws to you and the forms you should complete.

#9. Salaries

As you get excited about the prospect of moving abroad, finding out the salary expectation in your destination should not be ignored. This, alongside the cost of living and tax rate should help you plan effectively.

#10. Make Sure Your Family Is Okay

It is important to ask yourself how your proposed move will affect your family, marriage, children and the people who depend on you. You have to make proper arrangements and see if your family can cope before you even attend your first interview or you decide to move with them.

#11. Healthcare

Illness or accidents are not what we want but they occur without notice and therefore should be expected and planned for no matter how healthy you are. Any international medical insurance will take care of this and make you have a better stay abroad. Also, if you have specific health needs, it should be spelt out and you should find out if your medications are legal and available at your destination.

#12. Sort Out Your Accommodation

This includes deciding what to do to your old place and looking for a new one. Do you want to retain your old place, sell it or put it up for rent? Decision on this should be taken months before you move because you can’t dispose of your old property within days. Also, find out if your employers are providing an accommodation at your destination and if not, you should arrange for an accommodation. The type of accommodation will depend on if you are moving alone or with family and the distance from your work place. Selling off your old accommodation can help you raise money for a new one.

#13. Book your Flight!

Don’t wait until it is a few hours to go before you book your flight. Prices vary with luggage and comfort. Make sure you find out and book on time.

Although this list is not exhaustive, you have to take these into considerations before moving abroad.

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